The Team


green-office-groep-16-09-1-2There are currently six student assistants working at LUGO, these are guided by three employees from Leiden University. All students hold a different portfolio, which are outlined below.

1. Strategy & Evaluation: This portfolio works on keeping the focus on LUGO’s goals and looking forward to see what is needed to accomplish these goals. Through evaluations, it is considered what can be learned from past activities and how the impact of LUGO can be measured. This position also focusses on giving recommendations and catering training to help make LUGO successful.

2.Communication: This position’s main concern is to promote LUGO among students and staff to ensure that LUGO can really become the sustainability platform of the university. This portfolio is in charge of all social media outlets and the media team.

3.Community: The community portfolio aims to encourage the involvement of students and staff in sustainability in the university. It builds a platform of support and feedback for sustainability issues at Leiden University through the organization of various events. This position also manages an event team to organize larger and more far-reaching events in the upcoming semester.

4.Operations: The operations portfolio aims at reducing the direct negative ecological and social footprint of Leiden University. It does this through working in close cooperation with existing bodies such as the UFB, VGM, and Vastgoed. This portfolio aims to complement the universities environmental policy through initiating projects that are not yet covered in their plans.

5.Education & Research: The education & research portfolio’s main goal is to build a network of lecturers, researchers, institutes, and students that want to be involved with sustainability. This is done through mapping stakeholders in research and education, connecting them and providing information to enable them to integrate sustainability into the curriculum. Furthermore, this position is in charge of organizing ‘Thesis Ateliers’ to provide students with input of possible topics for research projects.

6.University Management: This position is created to engage the management of the university in the plans and initiatives of LUGO. It involves initiating and developing contacts with specific stakeholders in the management of faculties and expertise centers in order to put sustainability on the agenda of the various stakeholders.




Dieneke de Weerd

Operation Coordinator

Rianne Läkamp

Communication Coordinator

Benthe Koster

Management Coordinator

Eveline Kantor

Community Coordinator

Sarah Alford

Strategy & Evaluation Coordinator

Nadieh Kamp

Education & Research Coordinator

Aranka Virágh


Amber Hensema

Environmental Coordinator VGM

Jeroen Wayenberg

Energy & Sustainability Coordinator Real Estate

Reuvensplaats 2
2311 BE Leiden
Open hours: Wednesday 12-14