The Team

LUGO is run by a group of enthusiastic students with a green heart. Each of them has a sustainable tip for you!


Employee Manager

Hi there, I’m Therre van Blerck and the employee manager of the Green Office. In this role I form a direct link between the university and the Green Office, supporting the GO-team by for example coordinating finances and knowing who to ask which question within the university. I also work at the Real Estate Department of the university as a sustainability policy officer, trying to make the campus more sustainable.

I studied in Leiden (Molecular Science & Technology and Social & Organizational Psychology). I’m highly interested in motivations and intentions of people and how they influence one another, especially in the context of the sustainability transition. I believe that talking in a constructive way to people about sustainability is essential. Do you, like me, find this difficult? Try KlimaatGesprekken/Carbon Conversations. Let’s listen to what withholds others from behaving more sustainably and inspire each other!


Student Manager

My name is Chantal Blom and I am a Social and Organisational Psychology masters student at Leiden University. My function within the Leiden University Green Office team is the Strategic Manager. I have the privilege to support and guide this enthusiastic team on a daily basis with their various tasks and personal achievements. I also keep an overview of everything that we are organising or working on. I hope that together with the university we can move forward. I believe that sustainability is in everything and that by bringing together the university board, staff and the students, we could be ready for the future to come. Personally, I can recommend buying sustainable gifts for your beloved ones. It is something they usually do not expect but really like. If you need inspiration, you can send me a message.

Please contact me for information about the history of LUGO/GK, general questions and policy matters.


Education & Research Coordinator

My name is Alida Volkmer and I study the psychology research master at Leiden University. At LUGO, I am the education and research coordinator. Specifically, I want to incorporate more courses related to sustainability into the curriculum. For this, I partner with the sustainable teacher network. My goal is that every student has the opportunity to learn about sustainability and to create positive change. Likewise, I also focus on the communication of research in sustainability. One of my projects connects different academic disciplines to sustainability and summarises how all the different faculties at Leiden University contribute to sustainable research. I believe that sustainability relevant for everyone; therefore, we need students and staff from all different academic backgrounds to make this world more sustainable.

My personal sustainable tip for you is to join the conscious kitchen dinners in The Hague and in Leiden. It is a wonderful opportunity to fight food waste while meeting interesting people.

Please contact me for education- or research-related inquiries.


Communication Coordinator

Hi there,  I am Sara Bettinelli, and I am a Master student at Leiden University. I study International Relations, and I am specializing in Global Conflict in the Modern Era. I am particularly interested in how climate change impacts women and vulnerable groups such as migrants.  I joined LUGO in February as communication coordinator and I work together with Franciska. I am in charge of the website, social media pages, email communications and production of promotional tools such as flyers and pictures.

I am a sustainability enthusiast and I love to speak with people about their personal choices and commitments to get inspired. I am a fan of minimalism and plastic-free lifestyles and I like to find sustainable alternatives to my every-day life behaviors.  My personal sustainability tip is not to be scared by the possibility of changing your habits: it’s really easier than you think and it will give a powerful message to others.

Contact me to share ideas or if you have a project you would like us to participate in! Any new idea for collaboration is very welcome!


Communication Coordinator

Hi, I am Franciska and I am a third year Psychology student with a minor in Sustainable Development at Leiden University. Last year I started out as a member at LUGO, then a volunteer at Green Keys and now I am part of the whole team as a communication coordinator. Together with Sara I am responsible for the social media pages, newsletter, the website and communication through email and social media. I love to get creative and to try to step in other people’s shoes to see how they possibly view things. I would like to make sustainability accessible and understandable for everyone by approaching it in different ways. My favorite sustainable tip is to really take a good look at the possessions you already have, to borrow from friends/family/neighbors and to truly appreciate the things you buy. You can contact me if you have ideas or events related to sustainability that we can help you with or collaborate on!


Student Community Coordinator

Hi, my name is Louka Commu. During my Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, several design problems and solutions inspired me to think about sustainability. Thereafter, I took multiple elective courses about sustainability and did and internship in the area of electrical transportation. This led me to start this year as a double degree Master student in the fields of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft and Industrial Ecology at Leiden University & TU Delft and try to bridge the gap between the two.

I’m fully convinced that we need to create a greener world and will have to join forces to succeed. Since February I have been active as the Community Coordinator of LUGO. My role includes organising multiple events for students this semester and the introduction weeks. The events will be a lot of fun and give everyone the opportunity to familiarize themselves and be involved with sustainability in general and with regard to Leiden University. Feel free to contact me if you need any more information about the events, the LUGO membership or how you can help us!


Student Community Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name’s Lieke Droog. I’ve always been very passionate about sustainability and tried to incorporate this as much as possible with my bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management. However, I wanted to learn more about this interesting and complex topic and decided to start the master Industrial Ecology at Leiden University & TU Delft. After helping out with the organisation of the week of sustainability as a member, I got very enthusiastic about getting more people involved with sustainability. I’m very happy that I have the change to do so, by organizing fun events as the student community coordinator of GreenKeys!
A sustainable tip I have to create a lovely dinner out of leftovers together with the people you life with instead of throwing it away. For example; curry made with leftover vegetables.
Please contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions!


Engagement Coordinator

My name is Jelle Buijs and I am a second year Political Science: International Relations and Organizations student at Leiden University. As the engagement coordinator, I am responsible for the social side of the university by staying in close contact with amongst other the University Council, students, and their associations. With my work, I hope to connect people, cooperate with other parties, and establish sustainable partnerships. My aim is to reach out to people and to allow their talents and ideas to contribute to the creation of awareness about sustainability and reduction of the ecological footprint of the University.


The Hague Team Coordinator

My name is Flo Lacrosse and I am a second year Sustainability major at Leiden University College in the Hague. As one of the two Hague coordinators at LUGO, I have the pleasure of working with our committee to organise sustainable and environmentally themed events in the Hague. This academic year, we have expanded from the LUGO team in Leiden in the hopes to get more people involved in the Hague campus. In such an international and political city, I recommend attending environmental events, talks and conferences – it’s always interesting to discuss topics such as our climate future and energy transition. Contact me for information related to events in the Hague!

The Hague Team Coordinator

Hey there, I’m Shivaani Harmsen, a final year student of International Studies in the Hague. I have a broad range of interests, from sustainability to politics and economics, human rights and security. These can be tied together by looking at the transition towards a circular economy: within this frame, growth is redefined, waste is designed out and utilisation of resources is maximised to focus on positive society-wide benefits. A sustainable tip based on this is to reevaluate your consumption and wastage habits: refuse or reduce, reuse and repair, repurpose or recycle.
At LUGO, along with Flo, I am one of The Hague Coordinators. We see a lot of enthusiasm and potential around sustainability in The Hague and work to bring LUGO closer to you with our great team.
Contact me if you have ideas for events, for sustainability at our campus, or would like to know more about our work and events. Cheers!

The Hague Team Secretary

My name is Hanne and I am doing the Industrial Ecology master in Leiden and Delft. In LUGO I am part of the awesome team situated in The Hague together with Shivaani and Flo. My goal is to make the students in The Hague more aware of and engaged with sustainability. We do this by organizing different events. Previous semester I have been doing this as a coordinator in Leiden and now I am really looking forward to doing this for The Hague students! I hope we can enthusiasm even more students and convince the university to change things and become more sustainable.

As a ‘sustainable’ tip I would say buy your food on the market, it is nicer (more interaction with people), cozier, good food and you find the right spots it is also cheaper. Lastly, be creative with the ‘waste’ you have! Try out some DIY’s and handcrafts, it is also a good alternation from your daily work! 🙂