The Team

LUGO is run by six enthusiastic students with a green heart:



Lieske Zonderland

My name is Lieske Zonderland and I finished my bachelor in Criminology and almost finished my bachelor in Psychology at Leiden University. I am currently the manager of the Leiden University Green Office. I aim to support all the coordinators in their growth on a personal as well as a professional level. The practice of synergy is something I believe in; when you combine the strenghts of two or more individuals you can achieve more than by yourself. With LUGO I aim to be a place where we provide students and staff with knowlegde to act more sustainable.

Education & Research Coordinator

Chantal Blom

My name is Chantal Blom and I am a third year International Bachelor in Psychology student at Leiden University. My function within LUGO is the Education and Research Coordinator.I am aiming to have set up asustainable teachers’ network to brainstorm together with them and with students about how to incorporate more sustainability in the education that is offered. I hope that together we can move forward. I also organise regular lunch-lectures and an annual symposium to reach a large audience in in an educational but informal setting. I believe that sustainability is in everything and that by bringing together the university board, the teachers and the students, we will be ready for the future!

Communication Coordinator

Aoife Fleming

I’m Aoife Fleming, a first-year law and international relations student. Within LUGO I’m the Communication Coordinator, which means I manage the Facebook page, website and do most of the communication with staff and students. I find this a lot of fun because I get to be involved with many different areas of LUGO’s work and hear feedback from students. I find it important to involve students in making the university more sustainable because if people learn the value and basics of living sustainably now, then students can carry this out wherever in the world they may go!

Operations Coordinator

Anneloes Hodes

I’m Anneloes Hodes and I currently study MSc Industrial Ecology. With a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology my current master, I’m interested in the interactions between society and technology. My job at LUGO really gives me the opportunity to explore this, as I am responsible for  offering more sustainable alternatives for the university’s operations. Staff and students should be facilitated in behaving sustainably at the university, so the university as a whole can achieve a lower environmental impact. Topics I have been working on this past years are electronic waste, plant based food at the university restaurants, waste separation and waste reduction by stimulating the use of reusables (instead of disposables). This can be a challenging task, which makes it even more rewarding when you see change happening!

Student Community Coordinator

Mike Slootweg

My name is Mike Slootweg and I just recently finished the bachelor Astronomy successfully. Next year I will hopefully start with the master industrial ecology. I am responsible for the introduction weeks (El Cid, HOP week and OWL week) and many more other fun events like documentary nights and photo contests. My goal is to entertain the student of Leiden University with fun activities that will inspire them to think more critical and act more sustainable. For me it is essential that students will become more aware of sustainability and that they maybe would reconsider their consumption and behavior towards the environment.