The Team

LUGO is run by six enthusiastic students with a green heart:



Aoife Fleming

I’m Aoife Fleming, a second-year law and international relations student at Leiden University. As the manager, I work on the direction and overall projects of the Green Office, and support the coordinators with their various tasks and personal achievements. I enjoy connecting people and seeing what great projects flourish from surprising combinations, and aim to keep working on this at the Green Office.



Education & Research Coordinator

Vera de Regt

My name is Vera de Regt and I’m in my fourth year of the bachelor Anthropology at Leiden University. Within the Green Office I’m the Engagement Coordinator, which includes various tasks as getting to know our student target group and by this engaging them with our ideas and activities, and lobbying for sustainable alternatives within Leiden University. My aim is to spread more conciousness about sustainable alternatives of living, so more people can start thinking and living green.



Communication Coordinator

Fleur de Roos

I’m Fleur de Roos, a second-year Moleculair science and technology student. Within LUGO I’m the Communication Coordinator, which means I manage the Facebook page, website and do most of the communication with staff and students. I like this function since it involves working and collaborating with a lot of students and show them what LUGO stands for. I believe it’s important to include students in making the world more sustainable since they will be able to apply it long after they left university.



Operations Coordinator

Mike Slootweg

My name is Mike Slootweg and I just recently finished the bachelor Astronomy successfully. At the start of the academic year of 2018-2019 I will start the Msc study Industrial ecology. I am currently working as the operations coordinator. I will be responsible for the operative part of the university. I will try and find some minor changes within the university to make them more sustainable. Some topics have already been fulfilled, like more plant-based food at the cafeteria, waste separation and waste reduction. However, I will try and improve them and come up with new projects. My ultimate goal would be to make fundamental changes that would change the whole system within the university.


Student Community Coordinator

Alida Volkmer

My name is Alida Volkmer and I am a second year Health and Clinical Psychology research master student at Leiden University. At LUGO, I am the student community coordinator and I am responsible for the introduction weeks and other events for students, such as photo contests, lunch lectures, and the sustainability week. With my work, I hope to make people more aware of environmental challenges. Likewise, I also want to make sustainable choices easier and more fun for the students of Leiden University. Small, simple steps can start the change we want to see in this world.


Strategic manager

Chantal Blom

My name is Chantal Blom and I am a Social and Organisational Psychology masters student at Leiden University. Besides that I am following the pre-master for Sustainable Business and Innovation. My function within the Leiden University Green Office team is the Strategic Manager. I will be making the strategies for long-term projects and by this working together with the Student Coordinator. I will be coordinating the application of the outcomes from the Engagement coordinator to the operational side from the university with the Operations coordinator. Additionally, I will try to find out how we will fit sustainability in the new university vision. I hope that together with the university we can move forward. I believe that sustainability is in everything and that by bringing together the university board, staff and the students, we could be ready for the future to come.