Interview with Leiden University

The environmental policy (Duurzaamheidsbeleidplan) of Leiden University insisted on starting a Green Office to expand and promote sustainability within Leiden University. This plan has now become reality as we have started with several activities and projects.

To make people understand what a Green Office is, what the motivation is of the employees working in the Green Office are and what we are planning to do in the near future we gave an interview, which you can read on the website of the university.  To get an idea of who we are and what we do check out this article.


LUGO present at OWL

The final introduction week which we attended was the OWL introduction week for international students. On yet another sunny day day (we wonder what this is due to) we represented the LUGO on the first day of the OWL week. On the city tour for the international students, we were the first stop.

Standing in front of the Pieterskerk the international students could take a photo in our ‘sustainable’ photobooth with their new group and guides. Just as in the previous week they could get dressed up in some crazy outfits and pick one of the sustainable resolutions, such as ‘I’m going to recycle more’ and ‘I will eat less meat’, for the coming semester.

Besides the sustainable photobooth the students could also bike some smoothies for their group on the Smoothiebikes. This gave the international students who were nervous about getting on a bike a possibility to try it out!
We really enjoyed hearing all about the international students sustainable experiences from their  home country!

LUGO present at the HOP week

For the first time Den Haag has its own introduction week; the HOP-week! On another beautiful summer’s day, we attended the HOP-into your future festival, to represent the LUGO.

At the festival students could take a photo in our ‘sustainable photo booth’. Students could win a dinner for four people a the newly opened restaurant Instock by taking a crazy photo. Instock only uses food that is passed it’s sell by date, and would otherwise have been thrown away. For the photo they could get dressed up with some of the crazy attributes and outfits we had brought with us. Besides this they had to pick a sustainable resolution for the coming semester. They could pick resolutions such as ‘I will to eat less meat’ or ‘I’m going to recycle more’.

This was the winning picture:


It was so nice to meet all the interested students and see them seriously thinking about what resolution would work best for them this year! With what sustainable resolution will you HOP into this semester?

LUGO present at the ELCID!

Every year the ELCID welcomes 3500 new students to the university of Leiden. This year we were present at the LEF Festival to promote the LUGO with the new students.

For this festival we collaborated with the Perpetual Plastic Project. At our stand, located in the center of the terrain, students could hand in their plastic beer cups and walk through the process of recycling plastic into filament for a 3d printer. In total there were 4 stations at which they had to undertake a different stage of the process, at the first station they could wash and dry their cups, at the second station they had to shred their cups into small bits so that these bits could in the third step be melted into filament for a 3d printer. Finally, in the fourth step they could watch how the 3D printers printed either a ring or a cufflink with the LUGO logo on it for them to take home.

This illustrates how plastic remains valuable even after it has fulfilled one function, for example as beer cup and is thrown away! On this beautiful summers day, we had a great time, speaking to interested students, listening to music, and learning all about the recycling chain of plastic. Hope to see you again next year ELCID!