Conscious Kitchen Leiden

By Mathis Gilsbach

With the vegan month coming to an end, the question is: what now? Many of you may have found new inspiration in the vegan recipes posted during the month and don‘t want to eat anything else anymore. Others may still feel like they could use some more inspiration. In any case, everybody will appreciate cheap vegan meals that, on top, fight foodwaste.

That is the Conscious Kitchen. Originally founded in The Hague and  leading the cooking combat against food waste they throw food from the market into their pans and pots instead of the bins.

Guess what, they are coming to Leiden!

This Sunday, the 29th of April, they will host their very first official Dinner in Leiden at the Rapenburg 100.

So grab a friend and an empty stomach and come for a delicious vegan meal and lovely people. The plan is that there is a dinner every second Sunday from now on.

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