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What do the positions at LUGO entail?

Manager of LUGO

The LUGO manager is responsible for the overall coordination and support of the team and its activities, maintains relationships with external contacts, pursues the vision and goals of LUGO and is the face of the organization. The Manager also makes sure that projects are planned and evaluated by the coordinators. He/she is further involved in the hiring of new coordinators and makes sure that all coordinators including the manager itself will have regular opportunities to develop through trainings. For this position a full working proficiency in English and Dutch is required.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications coordinator promotes LUGO and its activities as well as news about sustainability at the university among students and staff to ensure that LUGO can really become the sustainability platform of the university. The priority goal is therefore to build the platform by becoming known by a large number of students and staff. This coordinator is in charge of all social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin) and the website. In addition to this the coordinator will make sure that LUGOs events and projects are also promoted in other organizations and newsletters. He/she also finds ways to improve the visibility of LUGO in the faculties and organizes college talks at the beginning of the academic year to inform students about LUGO. Further he/she manages the Team media, that will help with creating content such as blogs, pictures and videos. This coordinator must be fully working proficient in English.

Student Community Coordinator

The Student Community coordinator aims to encourage the involvement and empower students in sustainability at the university through the organization of various events. The goal is to reach out to as many students at Leiden University as possible. The Student Community Coordinator also collaborates with existing student parties and realizes sustainable ambassadorships in different existing student organizations. He/she promotes LUGO at the introduction weeks and makes sure to activate as many people as possible to become members at LUGO. The Student Community Coordinator will manage the teams ‘Green Drinks’, ‘Introduction weeks’ and can set up new teams if necessary. This position requires a full working proficiency in English.

Staff Community Coordinator

The Staff Community coordinator actively involves staff members of Leiden University by promoting the Green Office among them and organizing events that specifically appeal to them. These can be symposia and workshops or lectures. He/she will create and manage a team to realize the projects. This coordinator is also the expert on the overall Membership structure and helps the coordinators to hire members. He/she is responsible for the overall LUGO Membership community building: By organizing trainings for members, as well as organizing the membership appreciation day, you make sure that LUGO Members and can develop their soft and hard skills. Through this and through fun activities such as a sustainable pub-quiz you make sure that LUGO has a strong internal community and is a truly fun place to work at. This position requires a full working proficiency in English and a good understanding of Dutch.

Education and Research Coordinator

The Education & Research coordinator builds a network of lecturers, researchers, institutes, and students that want to be involved with sustainable education. This coordinator explores new ways to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and organizes Thesis markets for students. Furthermore he/she will provide tools to actively integrate sustainability in the curriculum, for instance though a sustainable course catalogue. This coordinator will also connect with other universities to investigate how sustainability is integrated into research and education at their institution, also outside the Netherlands. This position requires a full working proficiency in English and in Dutch.

Operations Coordinator
The Operations coordinator aims to reduce the direct negative ecological and social footprint of Leiden University by setting up campaigns that promote behavioural change and save energy, water and waste. Campaigns he/she will be managing are the ‘Use Your Own Cup’ Campaign, the Green Canteen project, the sticker campaign to promote sustainable behaviour change and the promotion of waste reduction.This position requires a full working proficiency in English and Dutch.


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