FAQs Climate Action

Who can sign? Whether you are a staff member, student, researcher or alumni, as long as you are affiliated with Leiden University you can sign the open letter. We all care about our University so if that is the case for you, you are welcome to show your support.
There is already a climate letter to universities, why do a separate one for Leiden University? A while ago there was a climate letter to universities that has been endorsed by the VSNU. This letter was, however, only to be signed by researchers and staff of universities. After strikes by primary and secondary schools we believe students cannot fall behind, and so we decided to write a letter that is open for the whole university community of Leiden. Our letter is also more specific to the situation in Leiden.
What is the Strategic Plan, and why should sustainability be in it? The Strategic Plan of the University is the central policy plan on which for example the faculties’ strategic plans are based upon. This document sets the direction and determines the University’s priorities for the following five years. That is why it is so important that sustainability is one of the core values in this plan. If it is in the Strategic Plan, it will have to be reflected in all other policy plans for the next five years.
What will happen with the letter and signatures? Until the 5th of June we will be collecting as many signatures as possible. After this date we will close the petition and send the letter with all the signatures to the Board of the University. Shortly thereafter, the Board will be discussing a file on sustainability, and the letter will be a part of this file.
How can I help? Whether you are a staff member, a student or a researcher, as long as you are affiliated with Leiden University you can sign the open letter. Word of mouth communication is one of the most effective ways to spread the message, so share the Climate Letter with your friends and co-workers! And remember to check out the WhatsApp message, which you can copy/paste below.
Why are you focusing on plans and visions? Doesn’t change start with yourself? We believe that we all bear responsibility for a sustainable future. However, many of the choices that individuals make are predetermined by the University’s choices. Does the canteen offer organic salads? What happens to the old computers in the library? These are decisions that the University has to place a high sustainable standard for. That is why this letter is focused on the Strategic Plan.

WhatsApp message:

Hey! Have you already signed the letter to bring sustainability into the core of Leiden University so that we can take ambitious steps towards a sustainable 2030? Here is the link: bit.ly/LeidenClimateCall

Hee! Heb jij al de brief getekend om duurzaamheid tot één van de speerpunten van de Universiteit Leiden te maken? Zie deze link bit.ly/LeidenClimateCall 

Promotion material – Spread the Message!

You are welcome to use the following visual to spread the word on the Climate Letter. Make sure to include the link in your message: bit.ly/LeidenClimateCall and tag us on Social Media (@leidenuniversitygreenoffice).