Join the Pipe


Join the Pipe is a project committed to reduce plastic waste and to provide the people both in the Global South and in the Global North with drinkable water. Thanks to Join the Pipe not only we provided many students with a reusable plastic bottle but also with several water standpipes across the university campus.  The water standpipes you can find are also part of the drinking water project in the Madoya slum district in Nairobi, Kenya. Part of the income generated from the refill stations and multi-use bottles is used by Join the Pipe to set up drinking water projects in developing countries, bringing water to those without, handing out water bottles to school children for better hygiene, installing water pumps in villages and organising City Clean-Ups to tackle the plastic waste issue at source. So farJoin the pipe has realised over 300 projects in developing countries, if you want to know more you can click here.