LUGO present at OWL

The final introduction week which we attended was the OWL introduction week for international students. On yet another sunny day day (we wonder what this is due to) we represented the LUGO on the first day of the OWL week. On the city tour for the international students, we were the first stop.

Standing in front of the Pieterskerk the international students could take a photo in our ‘sustainable’ photobooth with their new group and guides. Just as in the previous week they could get dressed up in some crazy outfits and pick one of the sustainable resolutions, such as ‘I’m going to recycle more’ and ‘I will eat less meat’, for the coming semester.

Besides the sustainable photobooth the students could also bike some smoothies for their group on the Smoothiebikes. This gave the international students who were nervous about getting on a bike a possibility to try it out!
We really enjoyed hearing all about the international students sustainable experiences from their  home country!

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