LUGO present at the ELCID!

Every year the ELCID welcomes 3500 new students to the university of Leiden. This year we were present at the LEF Festival to promote the LUGO with the new students.

For this festival we collaborated with the Perpetual Plastic Project. At our stand, located in the center of the terrain, students could hand in their plastic beer cups and walk through the process of recycling plastic into filament for a 3d printer. In total there were 4 stations at which they had to undertake a different stage of the process, at the first station they could wash and dry their cups, at the second station they had to shred their cups into small bits so that these bits could in the third step be melted into filament for a 3d printer. Finally, in the fourth step they could watch how the 3D printers printed either a ring or a cufflink with the LUGO logo on it for them to take home.

This illustrates how plastic remains valuable even after it has fulfilled one function, for example as beer cup and is thrown away! On this beautiful summers day, we had a great time, speaking to interested students, listening to music, and learning all about the recycling chain of plastic. Hope to see you again next year ELCID!

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