Sustainable Business Battle
The Sustainable Business Battle Leiden – The Hague is a collaboration of Leiden University Green Office and all MASCQ student associations. We want to reach more than 20.000 Students in Leiden and The Hague with the message, that business and sustainability does fit together.

How will we do this?
The Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) Leiden – The Hague is a 6-week business case challenge in which 15 interdisciplinary teams of each five students from Universities and Universities of applied Sciences in Leiden and The Hague will compete to find the most sustainable, innovative and at the same time implementable solution. You will be matched with one organization of which you will solve a business case. You will receive trainings and coachings from consultants such as Andersson Elffers Felix, LDE Center for Sustainability and Unipartners Leiden. Further you have the chance to meet influential people such as Marjan Minnesma from stichting urgenda and Jan Terlouw.

Our thought is: Act locally smart, to impact globally hard!

What’s in it for you?
You will…
…learn about sustainability and sustainable transitions
…develop and test your skills as a consultant
…receive trainings from strategy consultants and from experts on sustainability
…connect to the companies and institutions (that might be your future employers)
…meet lots of people during our drinks after every event and build a great network
…meet speakers like Marjan Minnesma from Stichting Urgenda

How much time does it cost?
How much time you spend on your case between the official events is up to you and your team. We do however recommend you to meet up at least once a week.

These are the days you must be available:
Kickoff: May 13th
Training day: May 20th
Semi final: June 10th
Final: June 23rd

When can you apply?
You can apply between April 1st and April 23rd. Keep in touch over our Facebook page, linkedin and our website for further instructions!



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Open hours: Wednesday 12-14