Tasting Trail: sustainable food in Leiden

Did you know that a grown-up could save 130 liters of water, 76 kilometers of travelling by car and 770 grams of meat, simply by eating vegetarian for a week? Are you impressed by this and do you want to try it out for yourself? In April we will focus on the theme of ‘Food’, where we will explore sustainable eating, which is the perfect opportunity to learn more about what this means to you.

To help you out with this, we would like to share our experience with some sustainable restaurants right here in Leiden. We visited these spots during our ‘Tasting Trail’ event during the Leiden University Sustainability Week last February.  

Leiden has some hidden gems where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, and beautiful surroundings, with business owners who also consider the impact their business has on the environment. Some of these frontrunners were introduced during the Tasting Trail.

The production and presentation of our food plays an important role in sustainability. Every restaurant has their own take on practicing sustainability, with each their own story. Some serve less meat and fish; work with locally and/or organically produced food; operate energy-conscious in the kitchen; decrease food waste and others use second-hand furniture.  Together with Duurzaam Uit Eten (duurzaamuiteten.nl), we went to a few spots in Leiden that place a high value on sustainable entrepreneurship. We visited Logica, Vlot and Vrijplaats.

At Logica we got a drink of our choice and vegan snacks. They made us feel very welcome and gave a good explanation about what they had prepared for us. There was a nice atmosphere and all the food was organic.

The next stop was Vlot, a glass vessel located in the city center. They served us vegetarian ‘bitterballen’, called the ‘GRO bitterbal’, which are made from oyster mushrooms. Vlot told us about their beliefs and how they try to incorporate sustainability in their business plan. The café was small and cozy, with lovely staff.

Lastly we went to Vrijplaats, which is a center for cultural and societal initiatives in Leiden. There we had dinner with fries and a vegan ‘kroket’ from Karels Biofriet. Besides this, we had different talks from Duurzaam Uit Eten, Vrijplaats and the Leiden University Green Office. Concluding, it was an evening filled with food, stories and good company, to be repeated.


If you cannot wait until the next Tasting Trail, we can recommend a great new restaurant in Leiden called ‘het Slachthuis’, which means ‘the Butchery’ (do not worry; it is 100% plant-based!). They even offer a student discount of 10% when you show your student card!


We will organize multiple events in both April (theme: Food ) and May 
(theme: Plastic) within the overarching theme of ‘Biodiversity’. More information on this to come!



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